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Track API call usage through the Ask Ziggy API Portal. Pick your plan and be in total control over your costs.

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iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Because we're REST-based, you can make API calls from any platform. Even desktop or embedded systems.

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Incredibly Simple

It's so easy it must be magic. Just upload your entities and actions, then give us some samples of how your users will speak to the application.

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Natural Language  

Our Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence engine breaks down language into key concepts, like humans do. Users can choose their words freely, rather than the developer having to program each possible utterance.

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API Portal  

The Ask Ziggy Portal allows developers to configure their applications and train them to interpret natural language in the application domain.

Setup and integration is a simple process, and you can be up and running within minutes. Test the accuracy of your setup before sending it into production.

How it works

Why Use This?

Our goal is to take the user experience to the next level. The API allows developers to integrate true Natural Language Understanding in their apps quickly and easily. No PHD or advanced programming needed!

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"Ask Ziggy’s cloud-based natural speech engine will rapidly transform ‘Siri’ class speech recognition from merely amusing into a fast, accurate, professional-grade access to information."

Jeffrey Jacobsen, Golden-i Program Manager, Kopin Corporation

“With Ask Ziggy, we’re taking the user interface of wearable computing to a whole new level. We’ve effectively reached the point where you can have a conversation with the headset and it will respond appropriately.”

James Woodall, CEO, Ikanos Consulting